The Anglican Diocese of Harare

The Church Of Province Of  Central Africa

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To all the Faithful in the Diocese of Harare CPCA Mukristu Usanete! Namata Urinde! Christian seek not yet repose! Watch and Pray! Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be yours in abundance. Amen.

Mothers' Union Newsletter 4th Quarter 2015

From the President’s Desk
Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ who was, is and always will be the Lord! It is almost like yesterday that we entered into 2015. We thank the Lord for bringing us this far. In spite of any challenges encountered, the Mothers Union......Read More

Mothers' Union Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2015

From the President’s Desk
Greetings in the name of our Saviour who is the same yesterday, today and forever! It was good to see so many members from our diocese at the AMUZ national conference. May we......Read More

Mothers' Union- Newsletter 2nd Quarter

From the President’s Desk
By God’s grace we are half way through 2015.This might be good time for us to reflect on what has transpired thus far, a time to thank God for his faithfulness and a time to commit to continue ... Read more

New Anglican Church Universty in Zimbabwe ground breaking

Anglicans trace their Christian roots back to the early Church, and their specifically Anglican identity to the post-Reformation expansion of the Church of England and other Episcopal or Anglican Churches. Historically, there were two main stages in the development and spread of the Communion. Beginning with the 17th century, Anglicanism was established alongside ..,…Read more

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